​David Seligman Design Resource began as a personal statement that beauty could be created without depleting natural resources. Whether in wood, iron or mixed mediums, we will combine talent, experience and expertise.

​​David Seligman has been making clients dreams into realities for over thirty years. His ability to see the vision, resource the unique products for your project and then deliver a beautiful finished masterpiece that you will enjoy for the rest of your life is his unique gift. He's a master craftsman, a joy to work with and has an insatiable energy that keeps on going.

​                In 2004, David Seligman came to Asia, with the belief that the "East was the new West".  

​     The story goes that before he ever came to Asia, he was a stomp down cowboy....logging, building from recycled wood in Colorado and being a leader in the set design industry for the Hollywood movie set. He made coffee tables that Robert Redford put his boots up on and designed hotels where the rich and famous played in Telluride, Colorado.  David always boasted that he spoke fluent "furniture" whether it was with his Guatamalan workers or now his Indonesia builders.  He is able to communicate what needs to happen whether it's in feet or centimeters.

     Before his first visit to Asia,  his wife told him, that he was the kind of man that 200 years ago would have gotten on his horse,  and rode west to stake his claim in a new land....a lawless land.  He agreed.  Well, she said,  "the East is the new West" and a man with a plan and some guts can make a killing here....and so it was.